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Bam Bam Bigelow
"ok YOU try having a fictional relationship with someone after they'd fictionally used you for marzipanning trepanning while they wore fictional upset toddlers as legs, and not be bitter"
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Mr and Mr TV Ah Mr Poor. This started out in about 1996 or thereabouts as a reaction against 'putting up with' Zippy Barnacle mr F J Biscuit Pie 3:16. It's since developed much further than real life happenings and has tended to become a run-away train of sorts.

I apologise in advance for the crudity of the image quality. Up to #18, all of these were hand-drawn, scanned in and coloured in PSP. Hopefully this will change as soon as I can get used to this cunting new graphics tablet.

Mr Poor 23: ZXCrate Live: 10 September 2007


Mr Poor 22: On Wednesdays: 19 August 2007


Mr Poor 21: The Love of Jayzis: 16 July 2007


Mr Poor 20: Shed Time Antics: 26 March 2007


Mr Poor 19: This Cloth Smells of Death: 11 March 2007


Mr Poor 18: No Charlton Heston: 04 August 2002


Mr Poor 17: Milky Dugz: 03 August 2002


Mr Poor 16: Goin to Ibitza!: 02 August 2002


Mr Poor 15: Smeggy Eyes: 01 August 2002


Mr Poor 14: Impair the Syoop: 07 July 2002


Mr Poor 13: Lovely Cup O Cha: 05 July 2002


Mr Poor 12: Livin in a Marsh: 04 July 2002


Mr Poor 11: Get Those Curtains Down: 03 July 2002


Mr Poor 10: What Have I Ever Done to You?: 02 July 2002


Mr Poor 09: First Aid: 01 July 2002


Mr Poor 08:
01 June 1999
Mr Poor 07:
01 June 1999
Mr Poor 06:
01 March 1999
Mr Poor 05:
01 March 1999
Mr Poor 04:
01 January 1999
Mr Poor 03:
01 January 1999
Mr Poor 02:
01 January 1999
Mr Poor 01:
01 January 1999
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