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"ok YOU try having a fictional relationship with someone after they'd fictionally used you for marzipanning trepanning while they wore fictional upset toddlers as legs, and not be bitter"
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Name: Dale
Handle: Dimrill
Other Aliases: Dim, Dims, Dimmy, Dim Man, The Dim One, Dim Boy, Flying Dale, Mr Nitwit Periwinkle, Bam Bam 2 Electric Boo Boo Boogaloo.
Age: 28
Height: 6 Feet.
Weight: Yes.
Favourite Drink: Cider and Laphroaig single malt.
Favourite Woman: Erm... I'd better say my girlfriend Helen, or she'll beat the bejasus out of me.
Violent is she? Yes. Very.


Working as a network engineer in Wolverhampton.

Good Music?

Mainly Metal, but with deviations into different areas as my mood dictates. I can't stand chart music with it's never ending supply of boy-bands and plinky plonky empty music with one phrase repeated OVER AND OVER again. That type of music is controlled by early - mid teenagers spending their pocket money though, so I don't get too upset about it anymore. Except when cretins in the neighbourhood drive around in their cars with above shite blaring out.

Good Films?

It depends what mood I'm in. I'm more a follower of directors than stars, and Terry Gilliam has to be my favourite director. His films have a wonderful feel about them and every one seems to be epic in scope. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Brazil and 12 Monkeys would all probably be in my top ten film list. His films are a feast for the eye as well as carrying some brilliant stories with them.

I also love David Lynch's work. His utterly bleak Eraserhead is the only film that has ever made me feel physically sick because of it's claustrophobic atmosphere and hopeless outlook. Twin Peaks had me on the edge of my seat and in tears at points, and it's always good when a film/tv series gets you that emotionally involved. He's another director who excels in visual effects to get across the message, with his films being more artistic than most.

The Coen Brothers (Ethan and Joel) round up my triumvirate of favourite directors. They are more story-tellers than the previous two though, with Fargo and The Big Lebowski in particular being immensely gripping movies.

Two other directors that sit behind these three in my mind are Sam Raimi and Peter Jackson. Directors of Evil Dead and Braindead respectively, they occupy more of a comedy-horror genre. They have directed different things with Jackson doing Heavenly Creatures and The Frighteners, and Raimi doing the Hercules and Xena series and also The Quick and the Dead.

I like anime too with Akira, Ghost in the Shell, Ninja Scroll, Patlabor and My Neighbour Totoro being my personal favourites.

One film that I tend to watch over and over again without getting tired of it is The Shawshank Redemption, it's bitter-sweet feeling gets to me. I'm not a fan of bloated Hollywood blockbusters in the vein of Independance Day, Godzilla, Deep Impact etc. As they seem to be all special effects and little to no story with horrible cliched segements. I like films that are out of the ordinary. And zombies. Cough.

Good Authors?

I am firmly entrenched in the Fantasy/Sci-Fi genre, a position that I'm rapidly becoming disallusioned with. The reason for this is that the first book I ever read and really loved was The Lord of The Rings, and so I ventured forth and secured anything that was written in that style. Due to that i did discover some brilliant authors like David Eddings, Terry Goodkind and the unbelievably moving books by Robin Hobb. I'm still actually scared to read anything else by Hobb at the moment, due to the immense sadness and betrayal I felt when reaching the conclusion of her Assassin's Apprentice series. I tend to throw myself into books and feel like one of the characters and you'll have to read that trilogy before you could understand why I feel this way. Terry Pratchett is a great author, but because evrybody likes him so much I'll refrain from going into my reasons on why I like his work. Frank Herbert's Dune series is an incredibly deep work that I get immense enjoyment out of.

Good Comedy?

Weirdness is what makes me laugh. If it's out of the ordinary I'll probably like it. I used to like Eddie Izzard, but his latest output is very weak. Old Reeves and Mortimer is excellent. The League of Gentlemen is another wierd show with a brilliant streak of semi- horror running through the middle. I used to like Kids in the Hall when it used to be shown over here in the early hours. UK Play is an excellent new channel that's providing Alan Munnery with some time to do his twisted thing, whether it be FuturTV or the excellent Either/Or. Bill Hicks is one of my heroes who died too soon. His style was almost preaching on the hypocrisies and injustice of the world and as Tool said in their Euology track 'He had a lot to say'. Father Ted and Big Train were two series I got an immense enjoyment out of. Lee and Herring must be mentioned due Stewart Lee's Bill Hicks-ish style and Richard Herring's brilliant daft counter point. They excel in intelligent comedy. Tommy Cooper was a brilliant comic, as was Les Dawson. No list would be complete without Monty Pythons Flying Circus of course.

Periodicals read?

I loved Amiga Power and still do. Follow the link to read about that though. I read Terrorizer and Zero Tolerance, both Extreme Music magazines. I subscribe to Retro Gamer to indulge in nostalgia, and also because Stuart Campbell writes for it on occasion.

Good Spectrum games?

Werewolves of London, AticAtac, Rogue Trooper, Renegade, Target Renegade, Barbarian, Skool Daze, Bak 2 Skool, Dan Dare, 180.

Good Amiga Games?

Rodland, Captive 2: Liberation, Frontier Elite 2, The Settlers, Legends of Valour, Quak, Knights of the Sky, It Came From The Desert, Mega Lo Mania, Sensible World of Soccer, Moonstone, Floor 13, Syndicate, Darkmere, Dreamweb, Yo! Joe!, The Chaos Engine, Bip.

Who's funnier, Grampa Simpson or Chief Wiggum?

Hnnggh. Chief Wiggum by a whisker.

Person you'd most like to be stuck in a lift with.

Danni Ashe so we could do the business, or Ant and Dec so I could beat the shite out of them.

So you reckon you could handle both Ant and Dec?:

Yeah they're pussies.

Person you'd least like to be stuck in a lift with.

Anybody with a false beard on who looks strangely like Jeremy Beadle, who then proceeds to walk towards me whilst adjusting the fake beard and winking with a sparkle in his eye.
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