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  NYOWZ! - Lucasarts reveal first NATAL game

Lucasarts have revealed their first game to be developed for Microsoft’s NATAL motion detection system. Inspired by Peter Molenyeyueyueuxuuex’s E3 demonstration of “Milo”, My Wookie Friend will use similar principles.

When questioned about using Fucking Star Wars again, a Lucasarts employee was quoted as saying. “Well, yeah. Fucking Star Wars has been putting food on my table since the mid 90s now. It would be unthinkable to try to imagine anything new for a game.”

When asked about the game mechanics he replied “It’s really neat. Your Wookie buddy sits around in a state of despondency due to being separated from his kind. You mainly spend hours and hours picking ticks and nits out of his fur. You can style his hair, maybe into bunches. You can do that a bunch of times, he won’t mind due to his clinical depression.”

Pre-order the game within the next month and you’ll be shipped a limited edition Wizard Wookie Winnet Wand; “Wookies don’t have an efficient nipsy, so he’ll need cleaning up.
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