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  NYOWZ! - Whitney Houston: The Game announced

In a press conference launched earlier today, Whitney Houston made the surprise announcement that work on a game version of her Autobiography is underway. Developed exclusively for Nintendo’s Wii platform, the game is due to make bold use of the unique control input.

Early levels introduce a simple singing game mechanic, which sees you utilise the Wii mote as a microphone to roar through classic tunes such as "Nobody Loves Me Like You Do", "Love Is a Contact Sport" or any of the shit songs of her latest rubbish album.

Moving on to her post-Bodyguard life will need you to control the fingers of Bobby Brown as you pick impacted fæces out of her constipated anus. Finally, you end up using the Wii mote as a rudimentary crack pipe while wondering where it all went wrong.

The game is due to be published mid-2010.
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